Our Services

GJC offers the full range of communications consultancy and event management services. Our dedicated team has the creativity, expertise and experience required to ensure effective and accountable solutions to clients’ communication requirements.

With specialist skills in media, cultural awareness and liaison, and all aspects of public relations and direct marketing, GJC is undoubtedly the market leader in Indigenous communications. Our services include:

  • Research & Evaluation
  • Strategic Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Media Strategy
  • Event Management
  • Campaign Launches
  • Direct Mail
  • Graphic Design
  • Print, Radio & TV Production
  • Website Development
  • Training

Research & Evaluation

Commonwealth and State Governments regularly contract GJC to recruit focus groups and conduct in-depth interviews with Indigenous people on a variety of issues.

GJC was the Aboriginal consultant employed to evaluate the Aboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ATAS), the Aboriginal Student Support & Parental Awareness (ASSPA) program. We also conducted longitudinal research on Indigenous mental health issues for the Office of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH).

GJC was one of the Aboriginal researchers recruited to conduct research with Urbis Keys Young on the extent to which Indigenous people use Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Further to that research, GJC was contracted by the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) to undertake a strategic communications campaign (see below).

GJC also conducted tracking research for the Australian Taxation Office about the extent to which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses were aware of the New Tax System, in collaboration with Cultural Partners.

Strategic Communications

At GJC we believe having a strong vision and a reliable system is essential. Strategic communications require exhaustive planning as well as an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs. It is also crucial to have an understanding of the impact any specific information may have on the Indigenous community nationally.

For a full list of clients GJC has consulted to and the strategic communications provided please go to our client list and case studies.

Public Relations

GJC has a great deal of experience in media placement, particularly in regional and Indigenous press. GJC has strong relationships with Indigenous media and has placed significant “earned media” in a range of publications for the Department of Health and Ageing, National Council for the Centenary of Federation; Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Australia; HIC (Medicare), and others.

Our team of three in-house journalists are experienced in all aspects of professional writing and public relations management. Our stories are insightful and relevant and usually get a run.

Event Management

GJC is highly experienced in event management, and has managed events ranging from small conferences, to large scale film festivals and gala events. Our production standards are some of the highest in the industry.

GJC works with Vibe Australia in the management of three ongoing events: the National Indigenous Music, Sport, Entertainment & Community Awards (The Deadlys), now in its sixteenth year; the Vibe 3on3 Basketball and Hip-Hop Challenge, now in its elevnth year and Vibe Alive a two-day education and performance festival for young Austraians of all backgrounds.

The Deadlys would have to be the highest profile national event on the Indigenous calendar. We have grown this event from a small inner-city art gallery with 100 people in attendance to a sell out gala event at the Sydney Opera House, televised on SBS TV, NITV and Imparja with an estimated viewing audience of 500,000.

GJC is also experienced in the production of more corporate events. In 1997 GJC was contracted by the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games to curate and produce The Pikchas, the film program for The Festival of the Dreaming. This involved liaising with Indigenous filmmakers from all across Australia and overseas in the selection of film product for the festival. All the legalities of contracting, logistics of freighting and technicalities of screening were the responsibility of GJC.

GJC was commissioned by the Sydney Opera House Trust to curate and produce a two-day music and film festival held at the Sydney Opera House in May 2001 entitled Blak Screen/Blak Sounds. This project involved selecting the program, sourcing all product, negotiating with and contracting all performers and speakers, and assisting in the marketing, promotion, and production management of the event.

GJC was commissioned by the Sydney Opera House Trust in 2000 to produce a two-day forum, Dreaming of a Better Future, aimed at increasing opportunities for Indigenous people in the performing arts and entertainment industries.

GJC has most recently set up a television production company, Deadly TV which has produced TVC’s plus a 26 part televvision program, Living Strong.

Campaign Launches

GJC has conducted campaign and event launches for the Department of Heath and Ageing, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian Taxation Office; the then Department of Education, Training & Youth Affairs’ National Indigenous English Literacy & Numeracy Strategy, NITV and the Deadlys. GJC can produce and manage any scale of event, and has particular expertise in community liaison.

Our approach is to own all aspects of the event and take on such duties as database development, design, catering, speech writing, production, traditional welcomes and dancer liaison, and media relations. We are proud of every event we manage.

Direct Mail

GJC has a comprehensive database of national contacts and has used this to undertake direct mail campaigns for a number of clients, including the Department of Health and Ageing, Commonwealth Department of Communications, Information Technology & the Arts; the Australian Taxation Office; and HIC (Medicare).

Our database is extremely accurate and contains more than 50,000 entries, including a comprehensive list of Aboriginal organisations and communities, contacts in the areas of education, health, entertainment and sport, as well as an extensive list of media contacts and Government Department personnel.

Graphic Design

In the area of graphic design, GJC has designed and produced numerous communications materials for a variety of government and non-government clients, and we are on the Design Panel for the Dept. Roads and Maritime Services.

We have an in-house art department and great contacts with Indigenous artists nationally. Our legal team will ensure that licensing of artwork where necessary and other copyright issues are dealt with appropriately.

Media Strategy

GJC is experienced in media planning and placement, both in terms of advertising and earned media. We work with all areas of the media – print, radio and television – to ensure the most coverage for the best value.

We can put together media schedules and link with other media planners to maximise the cut through of your campaign and maximise your spend.

Print, Radio and TV Production

GJC is fully experienced in the production of print, radio and television advertising, and has created and produced advertisements and community service announcements for the Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing, the Department of Information Technology and the Arts, HIC (Medicare) and others.

GJC’s sister organisation Vibe Australia has produced and distributed a weekly Aboriginal music show, Deadly Sounds, for more than fifteen years and a monthly magazine, Deadly Vibe for over eleven years. In-house we employ writers and designers as well as our own producers. GJC, through Deadly TV has produced a 26-part television show, Living Strong and TVS. We have produced series one of Move it Mob Style® which is broadcast on ABC 3 and NITV and are currently in production for Series 2. We have an in-house editing facility which we use for our projects.

Website Development

Recognising the impact and potential of the Internet and multimedia as a fast and efficient medium for communication across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, GJC possesses the skills and expertise to deliver any Indigenous Internet and communications solution required.

We design and manage one of the largest Indigenous websites, www.vibe.com.au.
Whatever the requirement, our team of Indigenous web and multimedia experts can design, produce, program and maintain a strategic place for multimedia in an overall communications plan.


At an employment and training level, GJC has written human resource strategies for government and non-government organisations including the Attorney General’s Department (NSW), DEST and the Office of the Director of Equal Opportunity and Public Employment (ODEOPE). In the private sector GJC has developed and implemented cross-cultural training procedures for Qantas and Franklins.

GJC has also developed training programs for long-term unemployed Aboriginal people in the areas of time management, presentation skills, retail skills, money handling and media presentation.